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Living well starts with great design

The Art of Beautiful Living

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A TRANQUIL  Family  Home 


 Shelley Cameron offers personalized, bespoke interior design services throughout Greater Vancouver and beyond. We Specialize in new custom homes & large-scale renovations, and kitchen remodels . We create unique approachable Luxury Environments that reflect your style  with meticulous attention to detail.

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We work collaboratively to expose the true potential of spaces in a meaningful & practical way. We are passionate about understanding and serving each client & ensuring an exceptional experience. With over two decades of experience, we have a broad view point and understanding of construction. We adapt to diverse styles and requirements of each project individually. We are driven to deliver an exceptional interior environments, comprehend your needs, embrace your lifestyle, and transform visions into reality.

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A Modern Family Forever Home 


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Shelley Cameron Interior Design - custom home

Sophisticated Family  Home 


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 Considering a large scale renovation?    See our featured Dunbar renovation.

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Forever Home 


Meet Shelley 


Shelley Cameron is an award-winning interior designer with over 20 years of experience curating custom residential projects and specializing in large-scale renovations. Her passion for interior design and improving clients' lives is reflected in her personalized approach. Shelley has a calling for  interior design, With a remarkable ability to envision potential in any space.  Shelley creates stunning, bespoke luxury environments that are both inviting and approachable.    

INTERIOR DESIGN Service  burnaby  New Westminster  bc 

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Shelley Cameron is an absolutely amazing interior home designer! Her very thoughtful and comprehensive approach to working with her clients sets her apart from many other professionals in the design community. Shelley is a consummate professional who keeps the client as the focal point throughout the design process. Without reservation, we would utilize Shelley’s services again in the future"

 Kam D.  - Client New Construction

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Vacation Living  : 

Transformational Renovation 

Biophilic & Green Interior Design

We understand the importance of creating a high-quality interior environment that positively impacts our clients' lives. With a deep passion for making a real difference, we are dedicated to introducing healthy and transformative design practices. Having personally experienced the impact of chronic illness, we recognize the significance of biophilic and green design in enhancing well-being. Our goal is to create harmonious living spaces that connect us with nature, fostering a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Join us on a journey to transform your space into a sanctuary that embraces aesthetics, sustainability, and wellness.

View our  featured work

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