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Transformational Renovation Project

Indulge in the transformative experience of a primary suite renovation that brings the essence of a perpetual vacation to life. Inspired by the luxurious ambiance of the Four Seasons in Hawaii, our exceptional clients sought to recreate that blissful getaway feeling in their everyday lives.

Prepare to be captivated as you step into the open and spacious bathroom, designed to immerse you in a natural oasis. With a living wall and a custom skylight, you'll feel seamlessly connected to the beauty of nature—a truly spectacular sight to behold. And let's not forget the envy-inducing closet, a haven for any fashionistawhich is as large as the entire bedroom.

Collaborating with clients who value quality and the art of living has been an absolute pleasure. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to bring their vision to life, crafting a sanctuary that captures the essence of a perpetual vacation and elevates their daily living experience. This remarkable renovation project where the boundaries between everyday life and a vacation blur, creating a haven of relaxation, style, and pure indulgence.

Shelley Cameron Interior Designer

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